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Bepensa is a Mexican business group comprised of more than 40 companies grouped into 5 business divisions. Together, they provide employment to more than 15,000 people in 3 countries. Our 59 brands, many of them global leaders in their categories, seek to satisfy the needs of more than 350 thousand registered customers and millions of consumers in Mexico, the United States, and the Dominican Republic.


La trascendencia de una visión

Since our beginnings in 1946, we have always been at the cutting edge in the commercial and industrial sectors where we work, thanks to the vision, leadership, and capabilities of our founder, Mr. Fernando Ponce G. Cantón. As a result, our business is currently based on five strategic pillars:
  • People
  • Security
  • Financial discipline
  • Focus on the client
  • Corporate responsibility
Today, four generations later, we are proud of the results of our efforts, the recognition of our collaborators, and the communities in which we have a presence. It’s more than 70 years of history which is the basis upon which we lead our future.

Misión, Visión y Valores


We are a high performance organization, offering quality products and services, focused on the full satisfaction of our customers, consumers, and collaborators; with a human team, innovation, and high technology; contributing to society and generating profits that allow our development and permanence.


To be a leading business group, with firm development and financial solidity, both nationally and internationally; diversified and integrated in the beverage industry, automotive-related distributions, financial services, packaging, machinery and related businesses.



We recognize the rights and dignity of all the people and institutions with which we have a relationship



We are committed every day to defend what we are and what we have in Bepensa, and communicate it to others.



We are people with an attitude of truth and rectitude in our actions and thoughts.



We seek change and we are generators of ideas that impel us to start new projects and have a cutting-edge vision.



We are committed to always taking a step forward in all decisions and strategies that ensure our success and transcendence over time.



We put all our capabilities and enthusiasm into our work to ensure that the results are of quality and thus satisfy our customers.

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